What is Hypertension?

Hypertension is also called high-pressure level could be a condition wherever the force of the blood touching against your artery wall is too high that it causes health issues like heart diseases. the pressure level is typically determined by the extent of blood that your heart pumps. If your arteries square measure slim and your heart pumps the excessive quantity of blood, your pressure tends to induce higher. high blood pressure will develop for several years with none apparent symptom, the high- pressure level will make to complications like stroke and coronary failure which could lead to death if not treated on time. High-pressure level eventually affects everybody at just the once or the opposite.

There square measure 2 essential (primary) high blood pressure and high blood pressure. there’s no cause for primary high blood pressure, however, studies recommend that it tends to develop over the years. Whereas, high blood pressure will occur because of hindering sleeping patterns, excretory organ issues, endocrine tumors, thyroid issues, noninheritable defects within the blood vessels, medications like over the counter pain killers, cold remedies, decongestants pills, nonlegal medicine like amphetamines and excessive alcohol use. high blood pressure is often AN underlying reason for a way fatal disorder.


Hypertension is typically diagnosed throughout a routine body medical examination. it’s sensible to go to a general medico on the off likelihood that you simply develop high-pressure level. those that square measure between the age bracket of eighteen to thirty-nine and forty years or older square measure at the next risk of developing high-pressure level. AN suitably sized arm cuff is employed to diagnose high blood pressure. Their square measure some machines offered which may analyze your pressure level

levels without charge.

Risk factors that may increase your probabilities of developing high blood pressure:

Alcohol- Excessive alcohol consumption can’t solely have an effect on your pressure level however
conjointly injury your heart and liver.
Family history- If one or additional of your relations have high blood pressure, {chances square
measure|likelihood is that|likelihood is|chances are high that} that you simply are at the next risk of developing high-pressure level.
Obesity- high blood pressure is additionally quite common in those that square measure rotund and overweight.

Laziness- those that square measure physically inactive have higher heart rates. This puts tons of
pressure within the arteries leading to high-pressure level.
Tobacco- manduction or smoking tobacco will injury the liner of your arteries resulting in severe high blood pressure.
Inadequate vitamins- little or no quantity of ergocalciferol and K in your diet will disturb the atomic number 11 levels in your blood inflicting high-pressure level.

Can’t be cured, however, treatment helps
Require diagnosing
Lab check continually needed
Chronic: will last for years or be womb-to-tomb

Shortness of breath
Bleeding from the nose

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